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    Originally Posted on WebTalk by Noel Adams
    CEO at Smada World Pty Ltd

    5 November 2018


    This is to let the Smada team members and other members of WebTalk know to be very careful about what details you share with other members making a contact request.
    I say this with respect, referencing Webtalk and the management. Because of the growth of WebTalk in the last 2 months, I feel it is attracting many scammers taking multiple accounts under different names, with no KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement, it’s open anarchy.

    The management are spread to thin to manage the 1.4 million registrations currently registered. Many of those could be members with multiple accounts. So deleting one account the scammer can use another account which they have already set for the deception. I am currently being sweet-talked on scams I thought were long gone. The longer WebTalk are in beta test the more of this will emerge.


    Next Webinar Thursday, 11-15-2018
    Usual Time for your Time Zone


    Next Generation Social Media Platform!


    "Communicate Better" & "Being Social Pays Big"
    Learn about Relationship Management and SocialCPX.


    Watch as RJ Garbowicz Webtalk Founder & CEO does a LIVE demonstration from Webtalk's HQ in St Petersburg.


    Detailed demonstration of WebTalk applications.
    product features, 
    and services.

  • Profiles

    Both the younger generation, who are quitting their jobs at increasing rates,
    as well as the under-employed and retired are working from home online as
    they invent the Gig economy.
    Today 50% of small businesses don't have a Website.
    They use social media for brand identity Online.
    In less than 10-Years, that number will be double.
    The Social Impact Digital Community that will lead the charge will:
    A. Puts Users First
    B. Support Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
    C. Build Communities around Trust

    Visit webtalk.co to send an invitation to people you think would be interested.
    Go to your webtalk.co menu bar and scroll down to Invite Contacts.
    Click and then add their email address to send an invitation.

    New Paradigm Thinking

    People don't join social nets expecting to make money from the site itself. The main reason people join social networks is Relationship (existing and making new ones). The reason they are doing that online is convenience and abundance. Relationships matter: influence, love, lust, money, vanity.

    Some people don't mind that their relationships blend across different areas of their lives,. The 500MM people who have both Facebook and LinkedIn accounts do care, as do the 200M kids and young adults who have Snap, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    Multiple social nets allow people to segregate audiences so they can say and do different things with different people like they do in real life.

    WebTalk allows all things to happen in one place without lines crossing. More convenience, control and more abundance.


    Invitation to Join

    We encourage all NLA members to secure a WebTalk account as that is one of the the places where the news will be. We are including this website so that members who have not joined can see what WebTalk is really about and why NLA are using it as one of our primary communication channel.

    WebTalk's Founder CEO RJ Garbowicz
    describes the core of the WebTalk product.

    Webtalk has...
    • a personal network (ie. Facebook)
    • a professional network (ie. LinkedIn)
    • a built in professional CRM
    (ie. Salesforce)
    • built-in groups
    (ie. Slack)
    • built in searchable tags creating sub groups and easy contact search
    (ie. Infusion soft
    for personal and professional use)
    • Built-in cloud storage (ie. Dropbox)
    • Add contact values (segregate inner and outer circle relationships)

    Features & Benefits

    • Newsfeed Filtering Tech
    • Post/Filter Publicly with URLs (ie. Blogger and Twitter)
    • Post/Filter by Network (personal and professional)
    • Post/Filter by Built-In Groups (Custom channels)
    • Filter feed by videos (ie. Youtube)
    • Filter feed by photos (ie. Instagram)
    • Filter feed by documents (ie. Google Drive) -note collaboration coming soon
    • Filter feed by keyword (smart search with AI coming soon)

    • Customizable header and layout
    (ie. Myspace meets Branded.me)
    • Virtual resume
    (ie. LinkedIn)
    • Recommendations to build credibility
    (ie. LinkedIn)
    • Photo gallery
    (ie. Instagram) + shareable links
    • Video gallery
    (ie. Youtube - coming soon) + shareable links
    • File gallery
    (ie. Dropbox) + shareable links

    Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities

    Referral Tracking
    All links (profile, blogs, photos, videos, files and custom home page link) are linked to your accounts. As you invite people to connect, and share your content, those links award you referral credit for all users who you invited to WebTalk. When you import your email contacts you earn referral credit as well.

    You will also notice WebTalk tracking your referrals through
    5-degrees of referral separation, this is because our Beta testers (YOU) are eligible to earn 10% revenue share through an entire 5-Degree referral network.

    Much more is coming. When Beta testing and debugging are done WebTalk will deploy more products and features.

    You will notice after navigating Webtalk and reading the CEO's profile that they are building a virtual community for future generations to live, work and play.

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