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    13 Benefits of Next Level Africa (NLA)

    1. We Are a Crowdfunding Platform Based on Ethical and Moral Principles.

    It’s not just about ME, ME, ME! ... It’s about helping and rewarding other people to achieve their GOALS, DREAMS, and PROJECTS as well as for the benefit of the Local and/or Global communities.

    2. Your Project Keeps 100% Of The Money Raised

    You read it correctly. Unlike most other Crowdfunding platforms, NLA receives NO revenues, commissions or admin fees from the funds you raise. It all goes to your project, right from the first dollar.

    3. No Sponsoring Requirements

    There are no sponsoring requirements to benefit from the NLA Compensation Plan.

    4. No Time-Limits

    There are no pre-defined time limits for your project to be funded. This eliminates the pressure typically associated with "time-fixed funding." It also makes the Smada Platform the "funding funnel" that keeps on giving.

    5. Greater Funding Opportunities

    With the NLA crowdfunding platform, you can fund virtually any project provided it is Family Friendly, Legal and meets NLA criteria.

    6. No Penalties

    Unlike most other Crowdfunding Platforms, you are not penalized financially if you don’t reach or exceed your target and timeline. You can easily extend the number of days for your project.

    7. Hard-To-Fund Projects Are Funded

    Because of our "Smada Funding" process, the project that you always wanted to do but could not obtain funding can now be realized by using the NLA Crowdfunding Platform.

    8. Payment Flexibility for Donations To Projects

    You have 100% control of how you receive funds for your project. You can use ANY credit/debit card processor or offer Bank wires. We also have added a feature no other platform has - Crypto-Currency funding. Plus, we have a truly international partner from which you could possibly receive funds donated to your Humanitarian Project — providing your project meets the required criteria.

    9. NLA TEAM BUILD Concept.

    Being on the NLA TEAM allows you to help others in our membership, and in addition, gain ongoing residual income for yourself.

    10. Smada Compensation Plan

    NLA offers a uniquely structured compensation plan. A special feature of the plan allows the crowdfunding process to provide ongoing revenue even with a small number of donations to your project.

    11. People Helping People - Win/Win

    No waiting for funds! As funding transactions occur in your NLA membership account, you get paid that day. Members like the idea that you could start your project sooner rather than later. This is better for your project, better for you and better for them.

     12. You Control The Look And Feel

    On your project page, you can create your own look and feel by adding a picture, a video and live links to point to outside information with our basic word format. Refer to “The setting up a crowdfunding project page.” Also, please refer to the Project Criteria.

    13. Piggy Back Program

    Our Piggy Back feature gives you the ability to support another project in our NLA community if you do not have a crowdfunding project of your own. Although, you can still set up your own crowdfunding project in your account at any time.


    You can Crowdfund just about anything, however, there are a few restrictions - NO pornography or related items, Terrorism activities, Hate speech, Narcotics or other Illegal activities. Only Family Friendly and Legal projects will be approved. (See Project Crowdfunding Policy for more specifics below)




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  • NLA Project Crowdfunding Policy

    Criteria for Projects to be Added to an NLA Crowdfunding Platform.

    There are several categories of Humanitarian projects that can be submitted to NLA for funding. Just a few include — Social Causes, Sustainable Businesses, Education, Entrepreneurship, Energy, Environment, Religious and Animal Causes. We have established a definition to assist you better if you are interested in submitting a project to NLA for a Humanitarian cause.

    Here is the NLA definition of what a Humanitarian project would cover: "Humanitarian aid is material or logistical assistance provided for humanitarian purposes, typically in response to humanitarian crises including natural and/or man-made disaster. The primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity."

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    We are truly on the threshold — and the
    challenges of the development process are ending.

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  • 18 May 2018
    Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Futures:

    HSBC Goes All-In on Blockchain

    The First Viable Trade-finance Transaction using Blockchain.

    Here is interesting news for NLA and CHL coin holders directly related to the HSBC. This excerpt is from the Daily Reckoning Australia an online publication called and was published May 18, 2018.

    A landmark event took place this week that could overhaul the financial industry as we know it. Banking giant HSBC completed the world’s first commercially viable trade-finance transaction using blockchain.

    It’s proving that blockchain technology is ready for wider adoption in the $9 trillion trade-finance industry. More than anything, it could be the first step in making banks obsolete, resulting in faster and more efficient trading transactions.

    Transactions require stacks of paperwork and can take several days or more to process. But HSBC has shown that transactions can not only be paperless but completed in just hours. In fact, HSBC likens it to how standardized shipping containers became the benchmark of the seas because it made moving goods so much easier and faster.

    HSBC Signals Major Role for Blockchain in Global Finance.

    Blockchain can reduce costs and settlement periods while speeding up transactions. It removes inefficiencies and beefs up transparency.

    HSBC claims blockchain tech will be used primarily as a utility to aid the trade-finance industry. Yet there’s a funny thing about disruption: You don’t know where it’s going to lead.
    In the short-term, blockchain should help banks benefit from higher profit margins as efficiency increases. But banks could be signing their death warrant by embracing this technology.

    Regardless, HSBC expects the adoption of blockchain platforms and standards by banks, ports, and traders to expand over the next five years. This signals an all-important role for blockchain in global finance. Yet this might only be the tipping point for what’s to come…

    An even bigger disruption could be about to hit the finance industry. One that involves a global monetary reset which is magnitudes bigger than we’ve ever seen. At the center of this is the blockchain. We are in the right place at the right time!

  • 17 May 2018

    If you are on Line 5 and you are logging in to upgrade, Please do not piggyback at this time until further notice.

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