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    — 7 Key Traits you need to Know about him and the Smada World Team —


    First and foremost Noel Adams is a family man, a dedicated husband of 50 years to his wife and life partner, Cheyral, a father and a grandfather. He is a 50+ year veteran successful businessman, networker, and entrepreneur across multiple industry areas. Born into a modest family with one brother in Belfast, Ireland, the family immigrated to Australia when he was 18-months. Even from a young age, Noel has always been entrepreneurial with his first venture into business being takeaway food, hamburgers and such. From there, he moved into grocery supermarkets, then eventually he went on to owning, operating and building over 400 amusement machines.

    Noel also had another lucrative foray into developing and manufacturing fax, photocopier and laser printer cleaning products. Likely the most fun business he had was owning and operating the largest jukebox 'for party hire' company in Australia, with over 50 jukeboxes. In the days of vinyl records, Noel had an ingenious idea to glue two records together to have the first double 'A' side jukebox in the world. While all this was going on in his business life, he made time for his personal passion -- speed boats and water skiing (Barefoot water skiing!) Always trying to push it to the max, he hit speeds of 140 kms barefoot and he has the burn scars to prove it!

    The following seven character traits will help you to understand what insightful business strategies Noel has acquired that brought him to launch Smada World’s flagship program, Next Level Africa and it's own cryptocurrency coin, the NLA coin.

    7 Key Traits

    Key Trait 1: Commitment
    In today's society, it is rare to hear of a marriage lasting beyond 10 or so years.
    So when you come across a couple who have stayed together through thick and thin for 50-years, you take notice of how rare and special that is. Commitment is the spine that makes this and any long-lasting relationship stand the test of time. This quality is invaluable in a professional business person as well. Noel and Cheyral are people who do what it takes to brush the dust off when the going gets tough to get the job done and keep going. They have applied this principle in all areas of their personal and business life. While Noel is the forefront public persona and driving force in business, Cheryal is a formative instrumental force behind the scenes and theirs is very much an equal partnership.

    Key Trait 2: Integrity
    The Cambridge Dictionary defines integrity as 'the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change'. Throughout his life, Noel has demonstrated consistent integrity. While developing Next Level Africa, Noel has had many groups wanting to join with their own teams and do their own solo build. He turned all of them down. He knew that if he had compromised many people might not see a paycheck. Building a business has never been just about himself and the gains that he could make. So the “team build” and fairness are here to stay.

    Key Trait 3: Astute
    Being an astute business person requires one to have the ability to accurately assess situations and/or people and leverage this to one's advantage. Growing and developing this discernment comes from years of experience and lesson learned from trial and error. No matter what industry Noel has taken on: from his jukebox rentals or running a successful line of grocery stores, to be the Master Distributor of several Network marketing programs, he sees each opportunity to meet a need for people and develop both marketing and business growth ‘win-win strategies.

    For example, in 2000 there were signs in the advertising world that pointed to the demise of the dominance the Yellow Pages and that things were about to change. Recognizing this early on, Noel started-up his successful online directory business, which is now managed by his family. These Directories are for the service industries sector, where most businesses don’t have shop fronts. These businesses operate in Australia and America.

    Key Trait 4: Compassionate
    Now some people might not see being compassionate as a key strength trait for a business person although they might be viewing the characteristic with a bias. Being compassionate in business has brought Noel a loyalty from people that is not common. He has developed strategies that built several network marketing businesses around a viable 'team build' with people. His soul satisfaction is to see people succeed and better their lives. He is also a true believer in helping people who take initiative and who step-up to build their business with him. Many people have since followed him into several ventures. The Smada Team foundation was built on and by these people. This loyal following in the primary reason Noel has been asked to be the master Distributor for 5 MLM companies.


    Key Trait 5: Transparent

    This is a big one. There are many business leaders who are all closed-off and unapproachable. This is completely the opposite with Noel Adams. Noel has an open door policy that he really takes to heart and puts to practice. While he is conscientious of his time, if you have a question, concern or an idea, he is open to hearing you. He is also avid about sharing his knowledge and life experiences with others. This is part of his 'we are in this together' team philosophy. Sharing the bad with the good experiences of his business life has contributed to his consistent growth of a network of loyal people.

    Key Trait 6: Visionary
    This is probably the most challenging trait that Noel has as a business person. He has the ability to see so far out in a business idea which is fantastic for him! He has taken his lifetime journey through the hills and valleys to discern who to surround himself with in order to get to the crux of a business idea and structurally process it out. Smada World and Next Level Africa are the pinnacles of Noel's visionary foresight. What he is building with the NLA Coin is nothing short of revolutionary! You're just going to have to explore this site further to understand what I mean.

    Key Trait 7: Humor
    One could not complete this character insight into Noel without including his sense of humor. Perhaps the best way to describe this trait is “eclectic! “ His humor is always present in conversations. Whether he is using it to make a point of diversity of thinking or when he simply wants to have fun to lighten a moment. Take 'Smada' for example — turn the word around and you have Adams! He loves to tell jokes and stories at any given time. Wait until you hear him tell the story about Leon — his legendary Snooker partner! Noel's humor keeps him, those who work with and know him, and those who do business with him in a positive and upbeat frame of mind.

    Summing it up:
    These character traits provide a snap-shot of both who the man and the business professional Noel Adams really is. They provide a solid foundation that will continue to take Smada World, Next Level Africa, the NLA coin and the other alliance partners to new levels of excellence. We invite you to explore the rest of this website to further better understand Noel's vision and Smada World Team goals going forward. Thank you.


    "...And remember to work 'Smada' not harder — and join us in Doing Right while Doing Well!"


    Sydney, NSW, AU

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