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    We invite you to think outside of the Blockchain.
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    Social Impact Project to the Next Level.

    Use your Custom Website to Showcase your Project.
    Demonstrate your Knowledge, Understanding, and Application of
    the Business Model, Marketing and Sustainable Financial Strategy by
    Painting the Picture with Custom Video and Digital Media
    Showing how the Project will Operate and Succeed in Reality.

    ● Key Partnerships ● Key Activities ● Key Resources ● Value Proposition
    ● Key Relationships ● Channels ● Customer Segments ● Cost Structure ● Revenue Streams

    Social Impact Engine™

    CAREFØRCES and SMADA WORLD have joined Forces to Generate a Social Impact Engine™ to Co-create your Custom Humanitarian Project Plan + Cause Business Model + Crowdfunding Promotional Media + Business Plan. We help you organize and leverage your self-employment and entrepreneurial skills, enabling you to set-up, co-produce, pitch and run your own Project from 'home' or a small business location.

    Seize the opportunity to develop your idea as an integrated professional Web, Digital Media, and Video presentation. Our Industry Mentors and Media Pros will work with you to develop and present your Social Impact Crowdfunding Project idea to humanitarian Crowdfunding industry experts and Philanthropic banking executives.

  • NLA Project

    Crowdfunding Policy

    There are several categories of Humanitarian projects that can be submitted to NLA for funding. Just a few include — Social Causes, Sustainable Businesses, Education, Entrepreneurship, Energy, Environment, Religious and Animal Causes. We have established a definition to assist you better if you are interested in submitting a project to NLA for a Humanitarian cause.

    Here is the NLA definition of what a Humanitarian project would cover: "Humanitarian aid is material or logistical assistance provided for humanitarian purposes, typically in response to humanitarian crises including natural and/or man-made disaster. The primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity."



    The Australian SDGs Summit 2018

    The Australian SDGs Summit 2018 brought together over 260 leaders and decision makers from over 200 government, business, civil society, academia, and youth organisations from across Australia to assess where we are and discuss how we can further advance action on the SDGs.

    17 SDGS

    This beautiful video shows what the world could look like if we achieve some the Global Goals by 2030.

  • NLA Crowdfunding

    Projects Explained

    Next Level Africa is all about Crowdfunding!

    For Package 1, our Crowdfunding platform is available to members to develop their own special project.

    The preference of Next Level Africa is that all members develop their own project, however, members can have multiple Platforms without projects using our Piggyback feature.

    Piggybacking is further explained in the following sidebar.

    Each member may have ONE project per Platform and duplicates of the same project will not be permitted.

    You may develop a similar project if you have multiple Platforms provided they are not duplicates.

    They must have a different title, photo and content information even if the donations will be going to the same organization or project.

    The best way to promote a crowdfunding page online is to purchase a yearly PAID PROFILE for USD$2.95 in the NLA back office.


    In order to qualify for upgrading to Package 2, members must have a crowdfunding project or have piggybacked on to another member’s project.

    Step by step instructions on how to build your own personal crowdfunding page plus specific criteria for approval are found on our information site here at: http://www.smadaworld.com/ or www.smada.info 


    We realize many NLA members have multiple crowdfunding platforms and are not yet ready to develop and/or complete one of their own personal crowdfunding project to add to each of their platforms. Prior to purchasing Package 2, NLA requires the member to have a project OR have nominated their wish to help another member’s project through the piggybacking feature.


    Piggybacking is not intended as a fundraising tool for a member’s projects. It is a privilege and a benefit extended to members who wish to participate without their own active project.


    How Piggybacking works:

    In your NLA Account Backoffice, when the piggyback icon is clicked, one of our member’s crowdfunding project will be automatically displayed. When the member clicks “JOIN” and provided there are funds in the NLA account, $5 USD will be paid once you click the “CONFIRM NOW” button. This results in:

    • Paying member is now eligible to proceed to purchase Package 2;
    • Recipient project receives USD$4 and rotates down to the end of the project list;
    • NLA has a fee of USD$1 for ongoing Admin maintenance to run this feature. NLA Admin identifies what is left over, then looks to return the balance to the community i.e. determining what NLA admin believes are special circumstances that arise where the person(s)/community are urgently in need of help with some projects that need an appropriate helping hand. NLA will announce these through our magazine. http://www.smadaworld.com/magazine
    • The piggyback system of a project is on a rotation of the overall membership projects and provides a fair and equal distribution of funds for all projects on the list.  


    Next Level Africa’s goal is to have the Community Crowdfunding site as professional and ‘audience captivating’ as possible. To achieve this, all new projects will be subject to review and approval.


    In general, projects must follow certain guidelines to be approved:

    • Projects must have a photograph attached (video is optional);
    • Body content must give a clear description of what the project is all about;
    • Projects must be relevant; realistic in both objectives and funds required; and a Benefit to the Local and or International community; and
    • You can Crowdfund just about anything, however, there are a few restrictions - NO Pornography or related items, Terrorism Activities, Hate Speech, Narcotics, other Illegal Activities or Frivolous Projects. Only Family Friendly and Legal Projects will be approved.  Full Crowdfunding criteria are listed below.
  • Criteria for Projects to be Added to an NLA Crowdfunding Platform.

    You can apply for funding at: http://www.nextlevelafrica.community/

    First and foremost, when you are setting up your project, you want to select a short, captivating title that will draw people's attention to want to know more about it. Consider adding some research demonstrating "proof of concept" success or need for your project.

    01 - It has a photograph that relates to the project.

    02 - All fields must be filled, i.e., $’s budget goal you are seeking, the number # of days the project will run, with a minimum of 365 days.

    03 - The project cannot be frivolous or a joke-based project.

    04 - The content must be family friendly and socially redeeming, with no hate messages, porn, or anti-social messages, etc.

    05 - The content is informative and gives a good explanation of the nature of the project, not too technical language, and explain who will ultimately be receiving the funds (a church, mission, registered charity, personal, etc.)

    06 - The minimum word count of content should be 100 words. Keep within the word count as much as possible. A handy tool to check word count is wordcounter.net

    07 - Maximum content word count is 500. Most people will not read long posts and it could limit your project's donations, so edit your content carefully. Projects that don't have enough content can cause potential donors to hesitate before sending money. While too much content can cause potential donors to get bored and click away from the page.

    08 - Content must be in English, however, a translation to your own language can be included below the English (translations will not be included in the word count)

    09 - No duplicate projects.

    10 - A video is optional but should be appropriate to project.

    11 - No live links in content i.e., to an outside web URL or donation page.

    12 - Each project may be shown in up to a maximum of 4 categories on the community site.

    13 - The funding goal must be realistic in relation to the project.
    14 - Anything copied directly from a website should have a small diamond to show it has been copied from a website when you look at the preview of your project before you activate it.

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