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  • Maxine York
    Careforce Group Blog
    23 Sep. 2018

    Programming Update

    If you are in line 4, 5, 6 — You should be checking your NLA accounts. From what I see with my accounts you may find the kind of excitement that I have in upgrading approximately 30 NLA accounts, along with many others. This has generated commissions and allowed many who had not done so to upgrade to Package #2. If not yet done, you may have your coins passed to a bin and then have to claim them back, which causes more work than necessary for all those concerned. Managing your account with best business practices is in your own interest and NLA invites you to check your accounts. In this case, you may see that the persons in your 1st and 2nd line have upgraded —

    Remember upgrades create excitement for all team members. NLA members will soon be able to trade and withdraw funds as needed. Observation and watching your peers is one of the best ways to learn, and fast track to learning how managing your NLA account works. If you are not yet in the NLA System please take notice as this will apply to you also when your line is open. This is an exciting business like no other with many facets to enjoy the opportunity going forward with new people looking to make a difference for family/friends/community along with projects and goals that truly will change many lives.

    So please do check your accounts to see if you have commissions to upgrade to next package. If you have not yet done so, please cooperate with your community members.

    NLA Members have arrived at a special moment-in-time and final countdown to payback excitement and acceleration in moving forward - even if not at the pace we would all prefer. Take advantage of the timing, get ahead of the curve, keep up with the upgrades. As we progress to the next level, the sparks will fly when all systems are "go" — the lines are fully loaded — and the exchanges ready, steady go. Cheers.

  • Maxine York
    Careforce Group Blog​
    3 Nov. 2018

    Within the next 24hours, the old wallet won’t work. It won’t sync and you won’t be able to send coins. We are getting ready to list the NLA coin on the blockchain. So we are closing the old wallet to prevent the forking issue on the wallets.

    Over the last couple of days, we have now reached 50% download of the new wallet. A big thanks to the admin and helpers who were the backbone of this update on the NLA wallet. Very soon, you will see a major jump in the value of our coin, when the market maker revalues our coin. The next stage will be releasing the coins for the investment group. That will take place after they download and sync their wallets.

    Remember, we have 430 investors who have deposited $3.27 billion into the bank. Those funds will be deposited into the asset account within the next 14 days. From that, the market maker will release the coins after the coins on the exchange have been traded.

    When we receive all the information over the weekend and in the first 2 days of next week, we will announce a webinar. This will inform all the members of the status of the wallets and the CEX. Please stay tuned and watch this space! Thanks!

  • Maxine York​
    Careforce Group Blog
    4 Nov. 2018

    We have secured 2 Guest speakers for the Xmas social event. Sorry, the Guest speakers were accidentally left-off the invite. The steam train took a while to arrive at the 2nd guest speakers station but we arrived after a lot of searching for the correct destination. We have a great firm that has offices all around the world, that will be speaking on generic accounting/possibilities of set-up, etc. We also have a top expert on cryptocurrency and many other topics. Both can help out with wealth creation if needed. There are other surprises that will keep you on your toes. This is one time I really am looking forward to enjoying the event along with the many that are able to come.

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