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  • Cryptocurrency Investment Diversification
    October 15, 2019

    Mining Pools + Digital Assets + Recurring Revenue

    For members of BCN only Super Important to read! This is the KYC part of the October update in your BCN back office: KYC Process - Multiple Accounts We are being flooded with thousands of KYC submissions per day and this is causing some heavy load issues on our server. We have also noticed some attempts to upload files and continuous submissions that are slowing the site down.

    We are working to mitigate these attempts but in the meantime, you may see some 504 errors and time-outs when submitting any forms. Please be patient and just try again later if you are receiving errors. Important: Any repeated attempts to submit too fast may ban your IP address, which will lock you out of your account for 24 hours and if it happens again the account may be locked out until you can verify Also, please be patient with the approval process.

    We are all hands on deck verifying the information and working as fast as we can to get through to everyone. If you have multiple accounts you can KYC the same information but YOU MUST submit the information from your account so we have a record of it. We cannot KYC your accounts for you if you simply send in a list.


    Also, to help everyone please DO NOT open a support ticket asking when you will be approved as it will not help us get through the pile of submissions any faster and will delay answers to real issues. Thank you!

  • Passion


    New Updates in the BCN Backoffice.

    CoinPay Invoices, June Outlook, and Other Updates...
    Date: May 31st

    Included in this update...

    CoinPay Invoices
    Deposits/Earnings Display Issues
    Level Up Commissions and Infinity Bonuses
    Pay it Forward Invoices
    Mining Power Update
    Refunds Update
    Withdrawals Paying Faster
    June Outlook

    CoinPay Invoices Are LIVE

    BitClub is now fully integrated with the new CoinPay platform, which means we now accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum as payment for any products or services. We will soon be expanding this further to support more coins including ClubCoin.

    This move to CoinPay was a big one that required a lot of changes to our database and the overall structure of our platform. In fact, it took a lot more work than we expected and is still creating some minor issues. We will address some of the issues in this update and let you know what to expect moving forward.

    Overall the move was a big success and everything is now caught up and working 100% as intended. Thanks for your patience as pushed this live.

    Deposits and Earnings Display Issues

    If you tried to make a deposit into your account using BTC or BCH over the last few weeks then you may have noticed the record of the transaction did not show up in the main ledger of your balance. The credit was happening in almost all of the cases but there was a delay in getting the record from the CoinPay side.

    There was also a similar display issue with the earnings table that was not properly showing all records. Both of these issues have now been fixed and all accounts are showing accurate balances.

    One of the really great things about dealing with Blockchains is we can always see and track the payments in the public ledger so making corrections is very easy once the data is showing in the proper places. In almost all cases of commissions or balance errors, they will correct themselves when we check the block explorers.

    Level Up Commissions and Infinity Bonuses

    One of the biggest issues during the switch to CoinPay was found in the Level Up commissions tree. This had to do with invoice detection and how our system treats paid vs unpaid invoices.

    This was a nasty bug that took a long time to pinpoint and because of how deep we pay Level up commissions we paused the Level up, Infinity, and the repurchase scripts until we could fully fix it. We expected this issue to last a few days but it ended up being much longer and we just recently (within the last 48 hours) ran all of the scripts to catch everything up to date.

    Now we are happy to report everything is paid up and showing properly and you should have seen a nice boost in earnings from the repurchases push and infinity bonuses. We also made some huge improvements to these scripts and we feel like our system is now 10x better and faster than it was before the integration.

    Pay-it-Forward Invoices

    The last remaining piece we have yet to integrate is our Pay-it-forward for paying invoices and paying from wallet balances. This piece was never designed to be in CoinPay so we had to build a lot of exceptions into the database to handle these payments.

    We are very close to making this live again. In fact, we were hoping for it today but it looks like it won't be another 1-2 days before its running. We know many members use this feature to help enroll new members and make it easy for them to purchase products and we are working hard to bring it back online. Thanks again for your patience on this.

    Mining Power Update

    Over the past several months it's been a real challenge for us to deploy new equipment. Our team is working around the clock to help fix the situation but a lot of the issues are out of our control and when dealing with this much power and infrastructure its been hard to sit and wait.

    For example, we have one facility in Montana that has 480 PH just sitting on the floor since March. These machines cannot be turned on yet and without getting into all the specifics of why we are hopeful that everything will be running by the end of June now. A large chunk should hit by June 15th

    Right behind this, we have another 500+ PH in the same facility that will be turned on once we get the green light, and then another 500 PH coming right after this. ALL of this equipment was paid for early this year and we should have it running between now and the end of the summer.

    This is just one facility out of many that we are deploying inside of. We also have another 140 PH that should be turned on any day in Russia. Just waiting again on things we cannot control. Then we have even more being racked up in Iceland and overall we should have well over 2,000 PH running on our pool by the end of the year.

    Although we can't give exact dates we are confident based on where things are now in each of these facilities that we will see a lot of power being turned on in June.

    The good news...

    We have a strong contract with our partners that currently requires them to pay us daily for the delays and we expect to secure another large payment once this month comes to an end. You can expect to see a large mining credit on your June 10th BTC earnings. We really hope this is the last credit needed before the equipment goes online.

    This has been a major pain point for us and we are just as anxious and excited to get this power in our pool as you are. So please be patient as we do everything we can to get there.

    Refunds Update

    If you requested a refund in the last 3-4 weeks, or if you accidentally double paid an invoice and are waiting for a refund please be patient. We are currently delayed in processing these because our new invoicing system is not fully set up for the clawbacks on processing refunds.

    It was most important to get everything working 100% and now we can implement the full clawbacks and process refunds again. On our old system, we could easily issue refunds and it would remove all of the commissions paid and set everything back the way it should be. This new system requires a bit more attention and it's not quite ready.

    We expect this to be ready any day now and if you are waiting for a refund we have you on the list and will process the refund as soon as we can. Please do not open another ticket if you have been told you are in the queue for a refund because there is nothing our support team can do until this final piece is fixed.

    Withdrawals Paying Much Faster

    You may have noticed withdrawals are being paid much faster within 24-48 hours. This is due to some new scripts and much better support tools in order to process withdrawals. We will continue to wait 24+ hours for all withdrawals due to fraud and any mistakes that may arise.

    However, you will notice a very streamlined withdrawal system on all of the coins we support.

    June Outlook

    We think June is going to be a huge month for BitClub... Most of May was spent retooling our invoicing system and integrating fully with CoinPay. We also added some nice admin tools and stats and tracking for admins to help deal with support issues faster June is going to be all about the member's side.

    We have new promo videos coming online, a new look website that will launch, a new back office skin, and a mobile-friendly experience that we are excited to bring you.

    We are also expanding our GPU platform significantly and will have great updates for you on GPU related shares and opportunities. Including the ability to completely control each individual share.

    You will see more pairs in our conversion tool so that you can easily convert from one token to another. We are adding ETH and hoping to add all the tokens we support in June, but some may be pushed out until July.

    We have an entirely new legal team, policies, and procedures, and lots more will launch at the same time as the new website to help protect all of us.

  • BitClub Network News

    March 23, 2018

  • NLA presents

    BCN Promotion April 12, 2018

    Promotion for bonus coins will be cut to 8 coins from 10.
    The time to do this is now!

    In order to participate in this promotion,
    people are required to fill out this form:

  • BitClub News

    BCN Promotion

    BCN Promotion from NLA

    March 23, 2018

  • April 24, 2018

    Weekly Webinar Announcement!

    This is the time and the place to hear all of
    the updates regarding NLA and the NLA coin;
    the Exchange; and any current promotions.

    You will want to be with us so to hear about new offerings
    and to ask any questions about what we've covered.

    This will be a standing weekly webinar invitation.

    Be sure to join us Global Times:
    Thursday, April 26, 2018
    2 pm PST - Los Angeles
    5 pm EST - New York
    10 pm - London
    7 am Friday, April 27 - Sydney AU

    Here is the webinar link.


    For best access to the meeting,
    please log in on a PC using Chrome -- not a phone or iPad.

    See you on the webinar and please remember to invite your guests!


    Noel Adams Webinar

  • May 4, 2018

    We are currently offering the ability to request multiple new NLA accounts before Registration is open again. These accounts must be entered in batches of 50 at a time. We understand that not everyone can take 50 accounts, so we are now offering partial positions of 10 that will be added each time a total of 50 is reached. To express interest in opening new positions (10+ or 50+) in NLA please contact support@smada.world



    Noel Adams Webinar

  • Connect With Us

    March 22, 2018

    Here are the slides from the
    Webinar BCN/NLA Coin Global Promotion
    The recording of today's webinar will
    be available in the next 24-48 hours and
    will be posted in the Skype room

  • April 5, 2018

  • BitClub News
    Solutions coming online this week
    Bitcoin and Ethereum coming Back
    Mining Power Update
    GPU Mining Payments
    ClubCoin Updates
    Binary Credits Compensation
    Solutions to some Bugs

    Date: March 19th

    Thanks again for your patience, we really hit a perfect storm of bugs and issues the past two months and although the year has not started out how we intended things like this only make our system stronger and allows us to build on them for the future. We hope to get back to adding new features and focusing on development instead of bug fixing very soon! — Sincerely, — BCN Support

    Mining Power, GPU and More..

    Over the past month, since switching over to BCH, we've been dealing with a lot of issues in our database. Our team is working daily on the solutions and we have many of them going live this week that we believe will finally fix everything.

    If you have any commission issues, mining earnings issues, or any other problems with invoices please be patient with us a little bit longer and wait for this next round of uploads to fix it.

    The good thing about our system is we track EVERYTHING and we can go back to provide solutions. We may need to take the site down for some of the upgrades to happen smoothly, but it's our hope that we won't need to.

    However, you may see some periods this week where the website will be slow or your balances may look wrong while changes are being uploaded made. Please don't be alarmed by this we are just making some upgrades and fixes.

    Bitcoin & Ethereum Coming Back!

    We are going to launch Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for ALL invoices in the coming weeks. So moving forward you will be able to pay invoices with BCH, BTC, ETH, or ClubCoin.

    This invoicing system will be on the latest version of CoinPay which will be the full version. Right now we are just using CoinPay in the background, but with this next upgrade, we will be moving fully to the platform since it's A LOT more robust.

    We expect to make this live around the 1st week of April, assuming we don't have any issues that require our development team to spend all of their time on.

    One of the best new features is completely eliminating underpayments of invoices. The way we do this is by continuing to recalculate the invoice whenever a payment is made. This also allows you to pay for a single invoice with multiple tokens.

    BTC Founder Pack

    For example, if you are buying a Founder Pack for $3,500 USD and you pay $3,000 in BTC then it will recalculate the new remaining amount needed.

    It will also provide an updated exchange rate for the remaining $500. You will see what is left to pay for all four tokens we accept (BTC, BCH, ETH, and CLUB).

    This gives you complete flexibility over your payment method and if you accidentally close the browser or have any issues then next time you log in it will pick up right where you left off with a new exchange rate and a countdown clock.

    We are very excited about this platform and its something we have been looking to push live for quite some time.

    This will also give you a good look at the CoinPay platform and the features that other merchants will have.

  • BitClub News

    Date: March 19th


    One other cool thing...

    Once we start accepting BTC, BCH, ETH, and CLUB you will be able to select how you want to receive your binary commissions. Each cycle is $200 USD and you can take it in either token and change it up as often as you would like. You must take the whole amount for that day in a single toke, but it will give you tons of flexibility.

    Bitcoin Mining Power Update

    As you have seen from the lack of power being added to our Mining Pool we are having some issues with deployment. There have been some major delays and now we are having an issue with the power at our new the facility.

    Long story short it was not ready, it was promised but needs to go through a process before being turned on. The good news is this delay is only affecting the first set of miners being deployed in this particular facility and we are on track for the rest of the scheduled power we purchased over the next few months.

    ClubCoin Factual & Legal Memorandum

    More good news...

    We will be receiving another large compensation from the delays thanks to our contract and of course, we will be passing this on to all members in the form of another large comp.

    Not having this power turned on is frustrating, however, we are only missing out on our pool fees (which are extremely low right now anyway).

    But since we are being fully compensated for all the "missed blocks" that we should be hitting with this power it is not affecting our business or payouts at all.

    So please don't worry about this short-term issue because there is nothing being lost. With that said, we really hope to see the power-hitting our pool starting in April and we will keep you posted on the progress.


    GPU Mining Payments

    We have found a bug with the GPU mining shares. The bug only existed on new GPU shares purchased with BCH.

    Basically it was not paying some of the invoices (again due to the blockchain detection issue and when the payment was actually marked paid).

    Second, it will not allow users to change their shares to other coins.

    We should have this issue fixed within the next 48 hours so you can control your GPU shares by switching between coins and also begin being paid.

    Any missed payments will be made up as well and the comp will be sent in the form of ETH tokens.



    You may have seen the scare from Bittrex that they are planning to delist ClubCoin on March 23rd.

    This was part of a big overhaul going on at Bittrex that will see many coins being taken off the exchange that do not comply with SEC standards and may be considered securities.

    Basically, this was an ICO witch hunt to weed out all of the coins that cannot comply with these standards.

    The good news for us is ClubCoin was created and distributed before the word ICO even existed. We also never "sold" any of our coins.

    We gave them away 100% free and we have our own blockchain that has history since 2015.

  • BitClub News

    Date: March 19th


    Mining Power, GPU and More..

    So just to let you know we have submitted all of the documentation required to be compliant including our ClubCoin Factual and Legal Memorandum, an updated listing application proving that we pass the Howey test. (which is a set of rules that determines a security or not, which we are not!), and we also submitted our corporate docs and certificate of good standing.

    While we have not been officially given the green light on this we are pretty certain they will continue to list ClubCoin on their exchange and the good news is now that we have put all of this documentation together we will be submitting to many other exchanges.

    Also, during this process, we have created an updated version of ClubCoin that is now running live on our seed servers and is available for download in Linux. We expect to roll the windows version out in the next few weeks and we will be pushing this version hard.

    If you have any concerns about ClubCoin please contact us and if for some reason Bittrex does
    de-list ClubCoin we think it will be very temporary before they re-list it and before we push for many new exchanges. We will keep you posted on this!


    One other cool thing...

    Binary Credits Compensation

    The last big issue we are fixing is the binary compensation paid on March 5th. Basically, some of the credits that came in during the first two weeks were not properly recorded in our system.

    We had some issues with the blockchain detection on BCH and therefore the invoices were not marked as "paid."

    When we fixed this and went back to mark all of the invoices properly it credited everything on a single day. This caused many accounts to have blocked credits because instead of crediting them on the day they were supposed to be credited it did them all at once.

    This is a really hard issue to fix properly because it was not happening for all the credits in the binary it was only for a few types of invoices and situations that it occurred.

    So we have pinpointed these accounts and will be running a special compensation credit based on all of those binary credits from March 5th. This will include cycle bonuses and matching bonuses.


    ClubCoin Factual & Legal Memorandum

    If you have a large account that is already being blocked on a daily basis then you will not see any new credits or additional cycles.

    No new credits will be added to the binary (this is too hard to track accurately). Instead, you will be paid for all missed cycles and matching bonuses from those cycles.

    So if you are a Monster Builder who has 1,000 missing credits during this time but you maxed out your cycles then you will not see the 1,000 credits being added to your legs.

    We are doing the calculation in the background to figure out how many missing cycles you were allowed during the time frame and then running the cycles for that single date only.

    Example: If you would have cycled 15 more times then for March 5th you will see an additional 15 cycles and matching bonuses paid upline.

    This is a one time credit that will appear on the March 5th date. We will put an alert up when this credit has been paid so you can go check it.

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    BCN Promotion

    February 26, 2018

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