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    SMADAWORLD Magazine's current projected launch update is for August 2020.
    The following videos provide both SmadaWorld informational update,
    as well as valuable cryptocurrency industry trends and developments.

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    Cryptocurrency Predictions 2020 - Elon Musk, Bill Gates, John McAfee, Jack Dorsey Views| Simplilearn

    It's clear that cryptocurrencies represent the future of online and general commercial transactions.
    And although the trend may have been slowed down by COVID-19,
    banks, merchants, and customers are starting to warm up towards cryptocurrencies.
    In this video industry, experts explain why they think cryptocurrencies will become a critical part of the global economy.

    One of the True Visionaries of Cryptocurrency & the Future of Cash

    Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and the Future of Money | AI Podcast #80 with Lex Fridman

    Vitalik Buterin is co-creator of Ethereum and ether, which is a cryptocurrency
    that is currently the second-largest digital currency after bitcoin.
    Ethereum has a lot of interesting technical ideas that are defining the future of
    blockchain technology and Vitalik is one of the most brilliant people innovating this space today.

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